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anyone can tell me why the apple TV just show me have 32.xx gb size left(when it is new),where is the 5gb going to??


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    Its running OS x which takes a few gigs + I believe there's a hidden backup partition to recover from so that doubles it
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    Because 40GB does not equal 40GB. A kilobyte is 1024 bytes. Manufacturers report a kilobyte as 1000 bytes but drive size is measured where a kilobyte equals 1024 bytes. This causes a discrepancy between what the drives says and what the formated size actually is. This is an old discussion. You also have 3 partions (besides the main partition) on the drive to support the appleTV and you lose some space to these.

  • R C-R Level 6 Level 6
    The formatted drive should contain 4 partitions with the following functions & capacities:

    Partition 1: EFI - 34.0 MB
    Partition 2: Recovery - 400.0 MB
    Partition 3: OSBoot - 900.0 MB
    Partition 4: Media - 36.0 GB

    Partitions 1 & 3 are used to boot the OS, 2 contains the factory reset source, & 4 stores media content. Thus, you have 3.xx GB of media of some sort in your Apple TV.
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    thx a lot..all