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Hi All, I have a JVC AV-48WP55 (Wide Screen Projector TV). I can get video from the compomnent cables. but I get no sound when using the audio cables. I tried to use different cables, but I get the same results, and I made sure there were pushed in all the way. From reading the other posts, does sound not work on the projector tv's?

Do I need to plugg my APPLETV sound into a receiver so that I get sound? I am going crazy trying to figure it out. I have a 15inch HDTV which I can test it on, but I am lazy. lol. Anyone else having issues hearing sound from a projector when it is directly connected to the APPLETV?



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    Well, I just answered my own question. I was plugging in Composite cables and then plugging in audio cables by using the red & white cable, and not plugging in the yellow on the tv side. If I am doing this, then I am using two inputs.
    Ahhhh. So to hear audio, I need to plug the red & white into a receiver. I have not tried this, but I will when I go home.
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    Hey Joe

    It SHOULD work.

    I'm not familair with your TV, but most likley there is a TV menu that will allow you to use the red and white audio with the input you've got selected to connect your ATV.
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    I went home and did some testing. Well, as I thought.My component video was one input and my audio (red, white, yellow) was another input. When I changed my input selection I heard sound. So what I did was run the Audio cables from the Apple TV to my surround sound system. All works now and I now have 5.1 audio sound.

    Now I have a network collision when I installed Apple TV into my network, but that will be another thread I will start.

    Thanks all.