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Is there any good ad blocker for Safari on Intel Macs (no pop up blocker), like the one Firefox has?

I remember Saft did a pretty good job some time ago, but I don't know if it works on Intel Macs.

Thank you.

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  • Josef Kowalewski Level 4 (1,915 points)
    I use Saft, and am happy with it's Ad blocking, it also does a better job of handling tabs and bookmarks than Safari - and yes! it works for Intel Macs -
    You can try out the demo for free here - http://haoli.dnsalias.com/Saft/index.html

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,755 points)
    MaxFixit has an article about that today, and recommends the shareware app PithHelmet, which you can get from VersionTracker.
  • Eme Level 5 (5,635 points)

    If I may add to your other 2 excellent replies, there is also the ability to Block Ads with a CSS.

    A possible preference, for those not interested in utilizing Safari enhancing apps.. either way, enjoy your Mac!!

  • Latin Dragon Level 3 (685 points)
    All your suggestions are great. Thank you so much guys!
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    This solution may be too "techno-geeky" for some people, but what can I say? I'm a geek.

    Edit the file /private/etc/hosts
    It should have a line that looks like this: localhost
    Duplicate that line, and on the duplicate, change localhost to the name of some ad server. Do this for every ad server you don't like. By default, the hosts file is read-only, so to edit it, you must either change its permissions or become root.

    Every time you see an ad, look in Safari's Activity window to see where it's coming from, and add it to the list. Once you have about 50 servers in your list, that will eliminate about 60% of ads. I'd say that's pretty good, considering this is free. And any time you see an ad, just add it to the list, and you'll never be bothered by that server again.

    Some good servers to block are:

    Just those 2 alone probably account for 5 or 10 percent of all online ads.

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    i know this is an old post, but how do you edit a file and what file should i edit to use this technique in blocking ads?