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I'm trying to find a way to have multiple versons of Quicktime on Win XP Pro machines in my computer lab so I can use a keyboarding program that requires version 6 and isn't compatible with version 7. I want to be able to have version 7 so newer programs that require QT will run.

The company that makes the keyboarding program claims that you can have multiple versions at once and has the following on their troubleshooting page:

"Even if your computer already has a version of Quicktime, still click on "Agree". The computer will keep both versions of Quicktime on your computer. During the Quicktime installation it may say "An existing version already exists on your computer etc.." If it says this just click "skip" and then "install". This will install the version of Quciktime that comes with the CD but will also keep the version that came with your computer."

I've emailed their support people who just give me the same message. Obviously their advice hasn't worked for me or I wouldn't be asking for your advice now.


Gateway 450 Laptop Windows XP Pro

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    The only way I have heard of to have two different fully functional versions of QT on the same computer. Is to have two operating system's on the computer, which I think is called dual boot. Which probably requires two hard drives or maybe a partitioned hard drive, because QT needs to install to a (C:) drive. Kirkster, I recall had once written about getting two QT players, from two different versions of QT, on the same operating system. But it was awhile ago, I don't know how it is done, or if he was referring to Mac's or Windows or both. If he doesn't come across this post, you may want to post to QuickTimeKirk to see if he can come up with anything.
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    You can only have one install of QuickTime per OS.
    My machines run version 7 but I have multiple versions of the QuickTime Player app and each has different features. But the both only use one set of components and frameworks and that is version 7.
    Each runs "on top" of version 7 and the "About QuickTime" menu shows QuickTime Version 7.1.5, Player 6.5.2 when I use version 6.
    What you want to do can't be done without more than one OS (partitioned or separate hard drives).
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    Thanks. Not the answer I was hoping for, but it is the one I was afraid of. I guess I'll have to look for a different app to teach keyboarding that will work with QT 7.
    Thanks again.