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I have iTunes with over 1,000 songs on it and I just got a Nano that stores only 500 songs. How do I select which songs I want to go on the Nano? I don't want to connect it for the first time and have it just put the first 500 songs it reads on there. How do I do in manually?
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    You can set your iPod to the "Manually manage songs" option as opposed to the automatic "Sync" option.

    When you connect your nano to your computer for the first time, you will be asked to name your iPod, and select whether you want to automatically sync music to your iPod or not. Deselect this setting when iTunes displays your syncing options on the screen.

    Then, after you've registered your iPod and all, you can click on your iPod's name in the Source List of iTunes (the Source List is the left panel of iTunes), and under the "Summary" tab, verify that the "Manually Manage Songs" option is selected.

    On this manual option, you can drag-and-drop your iTunes' songs from the Library to your iPod.

    For more information on manually managing your iPod's contents in iTunes, see this article:

    Managing content manually on iPod

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    In addition to Kylene's excellent advice, you might also start learning how to use smart playlists. One of the very useful functions of smart playlist for Nano users is that one of the rules you can set is to fill the smart playlist up to a certain storage level, say 1GB or whatever. Then you can set the iPod to automatically update only certain playlist and pick that one.

    You can then set other rules and click live updating to have that playlist change over time. For example, only songs that have been played 1 or 0 times (so stuff you haven't played at all yet or only heard once). As you play the songs and they go above 1 play count, they fall out of the playlist and are replaced.

    Or another is to have the playlist be 1GB (or whatever) of the least recently played songs, so your playlist is auto filled and updated with the stuff you haven't heard in the longest times. Again, as they get played they become the most recently played and fall out of the list to be replaced by others (if you use the live updating button in the playlist).

    Have fun,
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    when you go to sync the music only check the song you want on it or delete the songs you don't want
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    Ok, I have my ipod connected and I dragged the songs I want to the iPod but it still says on the ipod screen "Do not disconnect", what do I do now?
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