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This is odd, but I cannot locate the details of my AppleCare agreement online. I know the agreement was actiavted because it shows up under my list of registered AppleCare agreements, but I am intested to know when it expires and any ohter details about the plan.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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  • ali brown Level 7 (26,465 points)
    Hi MacPaint!

    From this page Apple - Support,

    Enter your product's Serial Number under About Your Support Coverage, and click Go.

    You will find that on the right side, about half way down the page.

    For more information about AppleCare, see this User's Tip, authored by Rachel R.

    Good Luck!

    ali b
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    Hi. Thanks for the info, but unfortunately it does not address my question.

    I would think there is somewhere that would let me know when my various AppleCare agreements expire.

    There is a link on the support page that says:

    "Register & View AppleCare Agreements"

    When I login to that, it shows my Agreement numbers, but it does not mention which computer it is connected to nor when each agreement expires.
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    Logging into Register & View AppleCare Agreements, displays Agreement Type, and Agreement Number.

    The Agreement Type is the product that is covered.
    For example, I purchased extended 3 year AppleCare, for my MacBook, so APP - MACBOOK/IBOOK is displayed.

    If you enter that product's Serial Number, under About Your Support Coverage, as I previusly directed, the info listed is:
    The product & Date of Purchase.

    You will also be able to enter additional product serial numbers.

    The information in Rachel R's User Tip, tells you the length of coverage time, from the product's Date of Purchase.

    Standard One Year Limited Warranty One Year from date of purchase.
    Extended AppleCare Protection Plan Three Years from date of purchase.

    ali b
  • MacPaint Level 1 (40 points)

    I appreciate your post but again it does not address my question.

    From your first post, I am aware that I can get the estimated purchase date of my computer. I am also aware that AppleCare extends the warranty by 2 years.

    However my question is slightly different. Where does Apple show me each computer than I own and which AppleCare agreement is tied to it, including the expiration? Because as soon as you have more than one of the same computer, it can get confusing.
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    As I only have two Apple products, and only one of them is covered by AppleCare, I guess I can't sufficiently address your question.


    ali b
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    There is no single place to look-up a list like that. You can check on individual computers, via the serial number, for purchase dates and coverage and you can check on a list of AppleCare Protection Plans that are registered in your name. But there's no list that will combine both sets of information.

    It would be great if this was available, I manage 300+ Macs at work and roughly only 80% of them have AppleCare Protection Plans. I have to look each one up individually when an issue comes up.