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I want to sell my iBook G4 but I cannot find the osx install DVDs that came with it. It is not a problem for the person that i am selling it to if i dont have the disks. Is there an easy way to wipe this computer clean?

24" iMac 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
  • Mike B Level 3 Level 3 (915 points)
    You can use Dusc Utility to wipe the whole HD clean but you need an install disc to put a system back on the computer again.

    You could just go through the user folder and user library folders and remove anything you don't want the computer to have like your email information, mails and applications etc.

    To be able to clean the computer and pass it over to someone as a clean ready to start with from new OS then you will need install discs.

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    If you are selling the iBook then I would assume you have a newer computer replacing it. The following procedure assumes that second computer is a Mac.

    Start with the iBook powered off. Connect the iBook to the 2nd computer using a FireWire cable.

    Start the iBook and hold down the T key until you see a blue screen with a FireWire logo. The iBook is now in Target Disk mode and should show up on the 2nd computer as an external disk.

    On the second computer, open Disk Utility, select the target disk and erase it.

    Keep in mind, once erased, the iBook is useless without an OSX install disk.
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    Thanks very much for this tip Phil. Is there a way to get replacement disks or do i have to pay for the OSX software bundle all over?
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    Did your computer ship with Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4? If it came with 10.4, the retail copies of Mac OS X 10.4 are only meant for upgrades from 10.3. The retail disks may or may not be new enough to startup your Mac. Also, the retail copies of Mac OS X do not include iLife or any of the other bundled software. I would recommend you try to get a set of replacement disks. AppleCare Support will usually send you a set of install disks for your computer for a fee.