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I have an 80gb iPod and the latest iTunes version. I KEEP getting the error (-48) - The iPod cannot be synced an unknown error has occured and then only fix is to restore the iPod using iTunes . . . . . a regular pain and waste of 2 hours of my time BUT NOW after 'upgrading' to the latest version of iTunes if I try to do a restore, iTunes just crashes! (quits).

So I am now in a position where mt iPod only produces the error -48 and the only fix cannot be implemented because iTunes crashes every time!

Mac G5 Dual 1.8, Mac OS X (10.4.1)
  • b noir Level 9 (72,060 points)

    do you still get the crash when restoring if you change the time zone on the ipod beforehand, as per the following document?

    iTunes for Mac reports a -48 error during iPod sync
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    No change, still get the sync error -48 and iTunes still crashes if I try to restore.
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    b noir asked if I had any ideas with this one, so I decided to step in.

    Although I am suspecting that this is most likely a problem with your computer's settings somehow, let's go ahead and try an uninstall/reinstall of iTunes on your computer.

    With your iPod disconnected from your computer, use this post at MacOSX.com to reinstall iTunes on your computer.

    After you have installed iTunes again, restart your computer.

    Then, open iTunes, and connect your iPod to your computer.

    Does iTunes still get that error? If it does, try a restore, and see if iTunes crashes with that.

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    Hi, thanks for the info, the problem is still unfortunately unsolved - yes I fully uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes according to that page and it still crashes. I also bought an Apple TV and it crashes whilst trying to sync that too (makes a very nice paperweight).

    I think this issue has something to do with OSX and not iTunes because I have another OSX installation on the machine (dual boot) and the iTunes does not crash using the other OSX (long winded workaround - not nice to have to change OS just to allow iTunes to sync with devices).

    Also worth noting is that this is a very clean installation of OSX, I only installed it this week and everything esle runs fine and super fast, the only problem seems to be iTunes randomly crashing if I try to restore the iPod or sync the Apple TV.

    Many Thanks
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    Help. This happens to me too. I can't sync my ipod with as when I connect it iTunes freezes and will not even force quit. It says iTunes not responding. I have to hard wire unplug the ipod and restart the computer. It seems that the ipod connection sets the whole problem off otherwise independently both iTune and my ipod are working fine. ANy help?
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    I, too, had suspected that this most likely, for some reason or another, had to do with your computer's settings.

    But your computer's reaction to adding the Apple TV seems to definitely confirm that kind of thing.

    Well, I don't really have much Mac experience with this kind of thing, but let's try creating a new user account on your computer, to see if it somehow restores some setting to default again.

    With your iPod disconnected, go to the Apple menu, to "System Preferences", and click on "Accounts". Click on the Add button to add a new one.

    Type in the new user account, etc.

    (For more info on creating a new user account, see this article for help.)

    Then, open that user account (logging off the other one), and connect the iPod.

    Try restoring it in iTunes, and see what happens.