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My ipod hasnt been working for a while now. i kept getting that sad ipod face, tried everything to get it working. so i just gave up.

then last night i decided to turn it on
and a menu came up, that said something along the lines of
5 in 1
a few other options
then it said hp detect

i didnt really know what to do, so i was just fiddling around with it. and i clicked on this hp detect option

and now on my ipod screen it says

its been like it all night
ive tried resetting it
doesnt really do anything

i dont know what to do
any suggestions?

  Windows XP  

Reply by iPod_nano_1_GB on Apr 13, 2007 6:43 AM Helpful
This screen is the Diagnostic Mode screen. Somehow, you got into Diagnostic Mode.

To exit DM, reset your iPod:

First, toggle your iPod's "Hold" switch back and forth a couple of times.

Then, press and hold the Menu and Select (center) buttons together for 5-10 seconds.

Also, have you seen this post by Mitch about the Sad iPod icon?:

Mitch: Exclamation point and folder and nothing else


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