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Rosie22 Level 1 Level 1
My ipod nano has begun to vibrate when I'm charging it at the wall socket. Is this normal? I'm a little worried the battery may explode or something exciting like that. Advice would be appreciated.

  • um Level 5 Level 5
    is it that you feel a slight tingle when you touch it?

    if so, this is simply due to the small leakage current through the power supply, it is a common effect with mains powered units that have no earth connection
  • Rosie22 Level 1 Level 1
    umm not really a tingle, more like a small vibration on the backside of it. i also tried plugging my phone into the same socket and it seems to be okay with that. tis v confusing
  • um Level 5 Level 5
    if it is a vibration then you'll feel it if you touch the plastic display

    if you only feel it when touching the metal case it is the leakage current

    it is the charger that causes it, some types of charger do it more, some less