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Is there a particular software I need to send "word" document faxes through the imac to a receiver's fax machine?

I'm new to mac and this is what I use to do on my PC - I so want to get away from using the pc..

I don't want to hook up through my fax/printer machine. I use to be able to send it through the pc with out having a fax machine attached, using an internal modem.

I receive a word doc via email, turn around and fax it through my fax/printer on my pc to the customer. How I do this, is I hit Print on the doc and send it to the "fax" and it sends the fax out. It leaves a log of who I've faxed to (paper trail) which is very important. Also very important is to create an address list in my address book.

I know I need to purchase the external modem (or do I)? Do I need a specific software?

I do not want to hook up to my HP fax machine.


Imac   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  
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    Open the Print & Fax preference in System Preferences. Click on the Fax tab and follow the instructions. You will also find help on faxing by selecting Mac Help from the Finder's Help menu and entering the term "fax" in the search field.

    If you need more sophisticated faxing consider purchasing the excellent fax software, PageSender (www.versiontracker.com or www.macupdate.com.)

    Of course your computer will need a modem such as the Apple USB modem ($49) and a telephone line connection.