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Hey My mac has been acting really slow for the past few weeks and yesterday it didn't startup nits just flashing a folder with a question mark I am trying to insert the Mac OS disk and start it up from that but I cant get the tray open. I just want to copy my music off to my HP machine

Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    you restart the mac and hold down the mouse button.
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    Alternatively, if you hold down option at boot to bring up the boot device menu, you can then operate the CD tray via the keyboard, and not have to reboot.
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    Hello and Welcome to Apple Discussions.


    To open the Optical Drive Tray or eject a troublesome disk ⏏ :



    • Switch on/reboot
    • After the startup chime, press and hold the keys <command/apple> <alt/option> <o> and <f> ( ⌥ ⌘ F O )
    • At the command line prompt, type: eject cd
    • Hit Return, the optical drive will then eject.
    • Insert the Install disk.
    • Type: mac-boot
    • Hit return.


    Now boot from your Panther install CDs and from the menu bar (before installing anything) choose Disk Utility. On Macintosh HD run "Repair Disk" and "Repair Disk Permissions". Quit Disk Utility then restart without installing anything.


    My hunch is that you are critically short of hard disk space.


    Let us know how you get on.



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    I got as far as eject CD in the OF mode, but the iMac replies "can't open the EJECT device" ...

    now what
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    Hello and Welcome to Apple Discussions.


    At that point I would suspect a hardware issue. If you're handy with a screwdriver it's a very cheap part to replace. If not seek assistance from an Apple-authorised service provider.





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    depends on how you define hardware issue.

    The HD finally died, and after replacing it and reinstalling OS X, the CD tray is working fine again...

    Now about who ever designed the innards of that iLamp thing ....