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My Mac Mini Intel Core Duo 1.66 just came from a RAM upgrade in an Apple dealer. The strangest thing is that the fan runs continuously, something it wouldn't do before, it has always worked in absolute silence.

Now, as soon as I press the power button, the fan comes at max speed. Why is that?

The CPU temperature has never been so low (32c max) but the fan still keeps blowing at max speed.

I've tried reseting the SMC but 1- it doesn't appear to work and 2- I can't really tell if it did reset the SMC...

Any suggestions? Do you think they might have messed up with something (temp/fan sensor)? I can feel a LOT of air coming out of the Mac mini so I don't think it is related to high cpu temperature or some plastic avoiding the air getting throwgh.

Sorry my poor english.

Mac Mini CoreDuo 1.66 + iBook G4 12" 1.33 + iMac G3 233 + Macintosh LC 12" 16MHz, ... and an iPod Nano 4GB white
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    The most common problem of this sort is that when the RAM upgrade is done, the little fan control cable is not reconnected properly. Without that cable, the fan is set to default to run all the time at full speed.

    I would return the unit to the dealer who did the upgrade and ask them to check and reconnect the cable if it is disconnected. It should take barely 5 minutes.
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    it's re-*******-diculous that this problem is as prevalent as it is. how can such an oversight happen so many times?
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    I would question the proposition that it is a prevalent issue, simply because we have no quantifiable evidence to show what proportion of systems suffer from it, either subsequent to service or even without being opened. We see a number of reports of it here, for sure, but that's not a reliable guide as to how commonly it happens in general.

    It might be that the cable would better be colored more brightly such that it is less easy to overlook it, but I suspect it's purely carelessness - particularly when service was undertaken by an Apple approved service provider, who should certainly know better.
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    Problem solved in 15 minutes.

    I don't have a putty knife so I tried opening Mac mini's case using this trick + two very thin knifes:


    and after a close look, I've found a small cable near the power light disconnected. I just plugged it in gently and voila, no more fan running all the time.

    Thanks for your tip, you were right!

    I also called the Apple guy and he apologized a million times and told that yes, he forgot to plug it in again.
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    Thanks for posting back to let us all know!
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    You're welcome, thanks again for your tip.

    To help other Mac users with the same problem as me, here is a picture of the opened case


    The small cable I am talking about is located in the front, exactly between the first and second white plastic pins/hooks/locks, counting from the right to the left.