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Hi all,

Hope you can help. I've searched through the iPod troubleshooting advice I can't seem to find anyone with the exact same problem. I can't seem to get a 3rd generation iPod to charge up after installing a new battery and doing a restore on a Win XP machine.

Initially, I brought home my brother's Apple version iPod to load new songs via my iTunes library on a Win XP machine because several of the songs that were loaded on the iPod wouldn't play correctly. Because the iPod was an Apple version, it wouldn't let me proceed unless I did a complete restore to convert to Windows. In between trying to decide what to do, the battery completely died, and would not charge on either a WinXP, my brother's Mac, or my son's iPod speaker station, etc. I tried the resets, etc, to no avail. Since this iPod was plugged into a charging station for the past two years, I figured maybe the lithium ion battery was ruined by not being used in battery mode. So, I bought a new battery online from Laptops for Less and replaced the bad battery. The new battery is the correct battery for the 3rd gen, in case you ask...

After putting the new battery in, the unit did start normally. I still wanted to add songs from the XP computer, so I plugged it into the USB port and it made me do the restore to be able to see it on the XP machine. I had asked my brother if it was ok to convert to a Windows version since this unit is plugged in at his office where it's surrounded by Win XP machines. So, I proceeded with the restore option, but when it was done with the restore, it said to plug the iPod into a charging station, or words to that effect, to complete the restore. At that point, an Apple icon appeared, followed by a iPod plug with an arrow indicating to plug in the unit.

This is where it stands now, for the past couple of weeks. I've tried leaving it plugged into my USB port (yes, it's high speed) and I've tried plugging it into an original iPod AC adapter at my brother's house (no change) and I've tried plugging it into a charging speaker station, and I've tried plugging it into my brother's Mac, all to no avail. It's not being recognized by my XP machine, even though I have the latest iTunes loaded, and it doesn't seem to do anything at all when plugged into charging stations, or the AC charging adapter.

No matter what I try to do, reset, etc. all I get is the Apple logo with the charging plug, but nothing seems to charge it up so I can complete the conversion to Windows based iTunes.

I'm fairly technically apt (managed the battery change, didn't I???), but this thing just seems totally stubborn and I'm afraid the new battery will just die a slow death again (the logo is getting fainter each time...) until I figure out how to get it charged up.

What gives? Now that I've started the process of restore, did it do that in the Apple software version, and now it only wants to be fed by an Apple computer? If so, why wouldn't it charge on the Mac or the iPod wall adapter?

Are there any experts out there that recognize this situation and know what the step-by-step solution is? I'd appreciate any help you can offer, even if it's a link to a previous message in the forum. I've searched, but can't seem to find the exact same situation (ie Windows restoring iPod after a battery change yielding the Logo and charging icon...)

Thanks in advance,


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    Your problem is the connection. The 3rd generation iPod requires Firewire which will charge the battery while it is connected. It will not work with USB. There is hope-Apple used to sell a combo USB/Firewire cable(USB connects to the computer and Firewire to the A/C adapter) and I think others now manufacture a similar cable.