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I have a file server in my basement running XP Pro SP2 which is set to share it's rather large iTunes Library. I also have a laptop which is set to look for shared libraries. That all works fine. I would LIKE to create playlists on the laptop FROM the shared library broadcasting from my fileserver. I would like to be able to sync my wife's iPod on the laptop utilizing the songs on the fileserver, also of course using the shared library and playlist created from them.

Now, I attempted to "Add Folder To Library" by pointing iTunes to the shared music directory on the fileserver... no dice. For whatever reason, iTunes only adds about one sixth of the music.

I also attempted to export the iTunes Library as a text file into a shared playlist directory and then import the playlist into the laptop. Also no dice.

I also read a prior post which suggests that you set iTunes to organize and add files to the iTunes library upon importing... but that effectively doubles the size of the library.

So I'm at a loss. There's got to be a way to do this thing. No?

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    Well, you can't build playlists directly from a shared iTunes library (i.e. libraries that show up under "Shared" in iTunes)

    But you should be able to use a network share to build your iTunes library. Did you map the shared directory to a drive letter? It may help if you do so. Also, you can try adding fewer songs at once (i.e. drag a few directories at a time). I know that's a pain, but if it works...

    Oh, make sure you have the option to copy files to your iTunes music folder OFF, otherwise iTunes will copy all the songs from the fileserver to your local hard drive.
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    Good point... perhaps mapping the drive will help. To make a long story longer, I added folders... one at a time like you suggested. One specific directory (which included a few hundred subdirectories) kept missing files. I'm not really sure why it was doing that. So, I determined a few of the files it was missing and drilled down and added the specific albums. Boom, they were added. It would however take me until 2035 to do that for every album, hence my post.

    This is NOT a gigabit network I am running, so I wont know if the drive mapping does anything until... probably morning. iTunes is adding the files as I type. I'll post back the results though. Thanks.

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    iMac 233MhZ Biondi blue 96MB of RAM Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    Unfortunately it did not work. Only half of my collection was added to the library. The songs in the library are also preceded by exclamation points... but they will play. I'm at a loss.

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    I went back and added each directory individually (about a dozen organized by genre) using the mapped network drive. That got all but one song! Imagine trying to figure out which one it is...

    Thanks for the suggestion of mapping the drive, it seems to have helped in the long run.

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