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I can't get the applecare guys to talk this one out.
I have a g4 imac running osx 10.4 and itunes 7.1.1 and for some reason, whenever I have my shuffle (2nd gen) plugged in and I click on Library, iTunes crashes. I had no problems with 10.3.9 when I first got my new shuffle.
This all started when I updated my os to 10.4 and bought my girlfriend a 2nd gen shuffle. when her shuffle was connected the same thing happend. I hadn't updated my songs since updating my os, so I thought it was a problem with her shuffle. I restored the software on her shuffle, but that didn't help. I actually returned her ipod to amazon.com and got a new one (which I've been using with my new intel iBook).
so, tonight I had my shuffle charging and I clicked on Library and itunes crashed. hmmm. some fun.
so i updated to itunes 7.1.1 and it still does the same thing. Only difference is
my shuffle got erased by the stupid autofill nonsense.
how can I get my **** shuffle to work, again?

shuffle 2nd gen   Mac OS X (10.4)   iMac G4, iTunes 7.1.1