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Hi there,

when i plug my ipod nano 1gen to my windows machine, it is recognized by itunes and windows, itunes starts automatically and syncs with the ipod. also, windows assigns a drive letter to the ipod.
Then starts the sync-process and immediately afterwards the ipod disconncects while itunes seems to think the ipod was still connected.
If I then try to make itunes sync a new playlist itunes tries for a while and then states the ipod was not writeable. Of course it isn't, since the ipod itself says it was disconnected.

I already reinstalled itunes, managed to reset the ipod and tried any USB-Plug my Notebook offers with no effect.
Itunes is newest version, however I had the same problem with the previous one (the one which introduced cover flow).

Now, I wonder if there is a way to make itunes and the ipod stay connected to each other, so that i can change ipod settings and so on.
At the moment, I am not able to transfer any music to it so it is pretty useless to me.

Thanks in advance for your help,

ipod nano 4gb 1st gen, Windows XP Pro, SP2 all new updates