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I want to import my contacts (originally Outlook ones) into the Address Book. So I created a .CSV file, I chose "import" in the Address Book, I even see the contacts in the "Import"-Window, I pressed "ok" for each single contact I want to import and then ... nothing.

Any ideas?

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  • Austin Kinsella1 Level 6 (11,510 points)
    Welcome to the discussions, Bina17.

    I presume you have used File/Import/Text file to open the .csv file, and Address Book displays a dialog box that lets you browse through the contens of the CSV file. What you have to do is tell AB the correspondance between CSV data and AB data. So, for example, in the left pane you might see a drop down that reads "Do not import" and beside it John. Change the "Do not import" to "First". Repeat for each field of the CSV that you want to import. If the first line of the CSV has header information, tick the "ignore first card" box in the bottom left corner. Step through a few of the cards to see that you are getting the right data imported into the right AB fields, then click OK.

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    WOW - thanks a lot ... actually I thought that was what I originally did, too - choosing the corresponding information, but apparently the trick was to take the effort and do it for every single field that might be filled.