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Joseph Booth Level 1 (5 points)
This *****!!! You guys are really ruining my e-mail ability...since I do pay for this service!!! Stop blocking my e-mail! I'm really ******!!!!

This is the second week my e-mail has been rejected by the server and I've not been able to finish sending out my mail to people. I organize a class reunion. I e-mail about 200 people once a week. For some reason there was a change to a setting somewhere along the line and 2 weeks ago my mail stopped being delivered. I stated in my last contact that I would switch to a free service that would allow me to send my mail. I don't use all the .Mac services and I can get web space much cheaper.

Either fix this or consider me (a member for 4+ years) cancelled. I don't have time to write to you guys every week about this. Did I mention I was ******?


It's not like I am sending out huge files or something like that. See below.

This is what I am sending.

Hello Class of 1992,
Okay, you can stop waiting now. You've got to make your move and send in your money for tickets. Get them before the May 15 deadline and save yourself $40 dollars!

I've heard from so many of you over the past 5 years of working on this project and there has been a great deal of interest over this period of time. So...here we are...it's almost happening and you need a ticket to get in the door.

We had a meeting this weekend in the space rented for the 15 year reunion and we've got such a great location chosen for you guys. We'll be right on the beach which we have access to during the day for those who want to show up with coolers and beach chairs to relax, meet and greet. Bring your kids, spouses and spirit of fun to the afternoon beach time.

You are going to have a great time during the evening. We've got plenty of food available, drinks, music and how many reunions do you know of that have a tower to overlook the entire beach at their disposal?

It's gonna be awesome! And guess what...YOU ARE INVITED!!!

Get your ticket ordered early....save some $$$ and start off your summer right with old friends, fantastic times and new memories.

For a single person it's only $85.00 dollars. If you bring your spouse or date; only $125.00 per couple. And heck, if you've got anyone else you'd like to bring it's only $45.00 for each additional person. You can't beat it for an awesome time.

Make your check payable to Bill (Billy) Owens (Reunion Treasurer).

Mail to:
3765 Silina Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

See you on June 16!


Mac G5 2 GHz 500GB 3 GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.4.4)
  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (73,985 points)
    Joseph, as I have posted in answer to your identical post in the .mac forum, no-one on this forum works for Apple, and Apple don't read it. You should submit a complaint to them using this form:


    Everyone here will sympathise with your frustration but if the problem is indeed at the .mac end no-one here can fix it.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,395 points)
    Parsing through your rant which isn't directed at Apple, it seems you might be exceeding the sending limits included with a .Mac account which are not extreme by any means so take a deep breath and calm down.

    All internet service providers and email account providers (even free ones) have sending limits or restrictions for non-business/personal email accounts.

    These restrictions are in place as part of an overall effort to prevent spam emanating from an ISP's or email account provider's domain. In case you aren't aware, spammers make use of bulk spam mailings and these restrictions make it more difficult for a spammer to do his thing.

    It makes no difference that you aren't a spammer or the content of your message is not spam since there is no way an ISP or email account provider can make this determination when you send a message but they can impose sending limits or restrictions.

    Copied from the following link.


    .Mac has several safeguards in place to ensure that only .Mac members send messages with the Mac.com outgoing mail server. Among them are reasonable limitations on:

    * The number of messages that can be sent each day (200 messages)

    * The number of recipients that can be sent to each day (400 recipients)

    * The number of recipients a message can be addressed to at one time (100 recipients)

    * The size of outgoing messages

    There is also a 10 MB maximum size for messages sent or received using the .Mac mail system.

    .Mac Email has been designed primarily for personal use. Sending unsolicited bulk email messages through the .Mac email server is prohibited.

    If your message is being rejected by a recipient's incoming mail server, what is the return email error message provided which is sent by the recipient's incoming mail server?

    Regardless, this problem is with the recipient's email account provider. If the return email error message from the recipient's incoming mail server indicates the recipient has exceeded their allocated server storage space, this the recipient's problem.

    So instead of ranting, how about providing more detailed information about the error message provided so someone here can help narrow down where the problem lies so you can direct your efforts there.

    IMO - since you use your .Mac account for email only, you should cancel your account but keep in mind that even a "free" service includes sending restrictions which may not be identical to .Mac account restrictions but none are restriction free.
  • missquotable Level 1 (0 points)
    I am also having trouble sending emails. It's as if they disappear completely. They're text only 6-10 sentences and I'm sending to no more than 1 to 3 people at a time. I write the email. Hit send. Nothing. No record of the email ever having even been written. Nothing comes back to me saying there's an error on the receiver's end. There's just nothing. And if I save to draft the draft disappears too. I've received no notices about being over my limit. And no error messages. I work from home and need to get these emails out. Any suggestions? I've never posted before. Hope I did this correctly. Thanks for any insights.
  • Charles Minow Level 6 (9,180 points)
    Hi missquotable--

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.

    I've never posted before. Hope I did this correctly.

    I'd suggest re-posting your question in a new thread. Go to the top level of this forum and look on the left hand side of the page near the top. There's a link called "Post New Topic". If you create a new topic, people are much more likely to notice it and respond.

    Second, I'd suggest adding a few details about who you're trying to email, without adding too much personal details (like actual email addresses). For example, are they all to .Mac addresses? Or to other addresses as well, like Yahoo, or SBC? Do some people get the email but others don't? What happens if you email them one at a time?