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How can I get replacement install disks, MAC OS X, for my iMac G5?
Can I download images? Can I order online? Can I get them from an Apple store? Will the install disks from my MacBook (intel) work?
thank you

iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  
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    You can call Apple Apple Customer Relations 800-767-2775 or Executive Relations 800-275-2237 and ask for new discs. You can probably order them from the Apple Store online, and NO, only the discs that came with the exact model iMac will work, intels are completely different and the install discs for any other model won't work either. You could buy them on eBay, but it would have to be for exactly the same G5 iMac model you have, e.g. Rev A works only for Rev A, Ambient light, iSight work only for those specific models.

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    If you purchased the machine used or refurbished, contact the seller for the original disks. If they lost them, they should call AppleCare for them:


    If you lost them, you should call AppleCare for them:


    You can't download the images, you can't order them online, you can for an iMac G5 though sometimes order a newer retail version of Mac OS X, if it is an iMac G5. An iMac Intel Core machine which looks identical can't use the retail OS X disks as those are only made for PowerPC.

    Here's how to identify your iMac:

    And how to tell which operating system came with it:

    The retail disks which are newer would have a newer version of 10.4 installed on them and have a logo like this image on the front:

    All Intel Core machines won't run from these, but only the iMac G5s that are newer than that disc won't run from it.

    Note the retail version of Mac OS X does not include any games, except Chess. They also don't include any portion of iLife except iTunes, and they don't come with Appleworks. And they don't include the Hardware Test software that came with your machine.

    The gray discs will only work on the vintage of the Mac model they came with, and are only licensed for use with that Mac.