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Do either of these have the analog pass thru feature for old video tapes to be converted? I looked at canon.com and didnt see it.
Solved by Smtr on Apr 25, 2007 9:49 AM Solved

From camcorderinfo.com, the Zr850 does have AV input for recording from TV to the miniDV tape. The Zr 830 has AV output only, so no recording from TV to tape at all. I can find no mention of the AV - DV passthrough that allows you to convert old tapes without recording on the DV tape first, so I assume that neither model has this feature.

Check out the reviews here: http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/Canon-ZR850-Camcorder-Review/Audio--Playbac k--Connectivity.htm

The reviewer likes the layout of the Zr850 much better than that of my Elura 100, but it lacks a few other features, such as the external mic jack. The still photo size of the Zr850 is the same as that of the Elura 100.
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Hi Heather:

I know that the ZR700 has pass-thru capabilitiy, but not so sure that the ZR830 or ZR850 do...

Here's a list for you:



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