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I lost my airport connection and my Powerbook is ignoring the card. I even bought a replacement card, which did not solve the problem. Did my connector fail, or am I having software issues.

Powerbook Titanium 1gig, Mac OS X (10.4.9), Original Airport card, not Extreme
  • Duane Level 10 (120,864 points)
    drlew, Welcome to the discussion area!

    Try resetting the open firmware. The procedure is
    1. Start up into Open Firmware by pressing and holding the Command-Option-O-F key combination during startup.
    2. At the Open Firmware prompt, type: reset-nvram
    3. Press Return.
    4. At the Open Firmware prompt, type: reset-all
    5. Press Return.
    If that doesn't solve it, one or more of the following is true:
    • The card is installed incorrectly.
    • The card is defective.
    • The PowerBook's motherboard is defective and failing to recognize the card.
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    I have the EXACT same problem. I bought a new Airport Extreme card just to make sure. And the System Profiler is still telling me "No information found". I did the usual (zap PRAM, reset-all-nvram in OF). And still nothing.

    Has anyone successfully found a cure? Or at least know for certain that it's Game Over for ANY airport card?

    Any reply is much appreciated.
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    Glad I'm not alone.
    This happened to me a few days ago during a stalled upgrade of Acrobat 8. I had to force a restart then lost any recognition of the airport card. Shutting down, waiting, then restarting has sometimes restored the card to activation. BUT success is brief as the system slows so much it is almost impossible to perform force quits or clean restarts.
    I have swapped the card with my wife's, no luck. Restarted from an external system back up, no luck. Zapped the PRAM, no luck.
    My feeling is that the stalled upgrade of Acrobat must have be a coincidence and that there is a hardware failure between the card and the board. What to do? If no suggestions work out here, I'll nurse the Powerbook along, connect via ethernet and save the repair pennies and put it towards a new Powerbook in 6 months or so.