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My combo-drive was working fine, until... 2007-04-20 15:06:47 : Installed "Security Update 2007-004 (PowerPC)" (1.0)... after installing this security update all I get is.... The Drive Reported Error: Sense Key= MEDIUM ERROR, Sense Code= 0X73, 0X03, now I can't burn music nor data... neither in iTune or Toater Titanium

if anyone knows what to do, please share the knolage.... Thak you!

QuickSilver G4, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Try repairing permissions and zapping the PRAM.

    Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility repairs permissions.

    Zapping the PRAM is here:

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    thank you a brody, but after fallowing your sugestions the problem remains the same, it does not want to burn, reports error, the same I mention before

    once again, thanks for the sugestion

    QuickSilver G4   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  
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    It may be dirt has gotten in the drive, or you have a set of some bad disks. Are your media which is purchased as jewelcase encased (not spindle) Verbatim, Kodak, Sony, or Imation CD-Rs?
    Are you burning at under the speed rated for the media?
    Are you running no background tasks while trying to burn?
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    Well, who was to know that not all CDs work the same... I usually use TDK, but thy are getting hard to find here in Caracas, the ones that di not work are: Imation 1X-52X and Princo 2X-56X, now I know not to buy above 48X, the ones I found and work well are Maxell 48X.

    Thank you very much A Brody, for taking the time to help me, I was really worried, but I guess you learn something new every day, and I learn a lesson on Cds... once again THANKS!!!!
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    Funny. Maxell here in the U.S. is worse than Imation. Perhaps in different markets they sell better materials!