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Luis Ortega Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
I am planning to get a Mac Pro and would like to know if you can connect a midi keyboard to a USB port on a Mac.
My current setup is that I have the midi keyboard connected to the gameport on the SoundBlaster sound card in my Windows PC. The connection powers the midi keyboard and I can record what I play on the keyboard into whatever sound recording software I am using.
Does the Mac pro have a similar approach? I can't tell if it has something like a gameport connection and if it would power the midi keyboard.
If I used a midi to usb cable to connect it to a USB port on the Mac Pro would that work, and would it power the midi keyboard as well?
If not, how do Mac people connect a midi keyboard that has a gameport connector to a Mac Pro for recording music? Would my midi keyboard become unuseable on a Mac Pro?
Could I install a PCI sound card on a Mac Pro and then access it that way? If I also have Windows installed on the Mac Pro, could I use a PCI sound card and use the midi keyboard when running Windows?
Thanks for any advice.