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Hi. I'm a newbie. A PC guy for 15 years. So this is quite a culture shock for me.

I'm working with Pages and want to find and import clip art to a newsletter I'm creating. Is this an option? If so, how?

MS Publisher had thousands of clip art you could download and use free of charge off their website. Does such a thing exist with Apple?

Please assist if you can. Thanks.

IMac, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Go into Pages Help.
    Go into 'Tables, charts, images and other objects.'
    Click on Show Topics under 'Images and other objects'.
    Click 'Adding an image to a document'.

    This will tell you how to do it once you have downloaded images to your HD. Unfortunately, at the moment, drawing & spreadsheet abilities is not something iWork has. That's why I use NeoOffice.

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    Unfortunately, Pages doesn't come with a bunch of clip art. But if you've already got some from when you used Word, you can easily use that same art for Pages. Also, there are sites like www.free-clip-art.net you can use to download freebies.

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    Word's clipart, especially if it comes from the PC version, will be useless as it is in the wrong format, bmp files.

    Tiff, jpg, png and pdf work well. There's plenty of this available on the net.

    eps will import after a delay whilst it is converted into a pdf.

    AppleWorks comes with a bundle of artwork but not much and it is all in pict which these days is history.

    I understand, if you are not an artist, that clipart is important even though most of it is really awful.

    I suggest for better quality, cheap material you look at http://www.istockphoto.com
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    I'm on PC now, so I cannot check, but why would bmp not work? Are you sure Pages cannot read it? I am pretty sure Finder can, and it should be possible to convert it fairly easily, if one needs another format.
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    BMPs work fine in Pages. iWork apps (and for that matter, most Apple OS X apps) can handle practically any common graphic format you throw at them.
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    Mea culpa.

    bmp is the bitmap format.

    I meant .wmf

    Formats which I have tested and do not work are .svg files despite the shapes within Pages being a variant of the format.

    Also .svgz doesn't import.

    eps is a bit of a pain in the proverbial as the converted file is now not the same as the original.

    Also the default .pdf format is not available via iPhoto, which won't open them.

    So the only supported organiser/previewer of graphics doesn't work for the default OSX format.
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    Actually, most of the clippings available in AppleWorks 6 are EPS, but you do need to paste them into an AppleWorks document first. If you want to save any to use in Pages, rather than copying & pasting at the time you access them in AppleWorks, save them as floating objects in an AppleWorks 6 word processing document which will them be able to be opened by Pages.

    I've never had a problem using PICT graphics in Pages.

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    Interesting. I was not aware of them being eps.

    I couldn't open them with either Preview or Illustrator CS2, even with the file type changed.

    Even Graphic Converter won't open them as a graphic file. I have however examined them directly and the header says they are PS files (epsf to be precise) created by Illustrator 3.2.

    Whoever whipped these up for Apple did it very long ago or was too cheap to update their software.

    I didn't say Pages would not open pict files, I just said this format has had its day, not that it ever was a very good vector graphics format.


    PS Burrowed a little deeper. The files are from Illustrator 8 back saved as version 3.2. Created by Kate Wormington in 2000. Maybe we should email her at Apple, to offer us modern versions of the files to use with Pages?

    I shall try to convert them to something more useful.
  • Peter Breis1 Level 1 (110 points)
    Now that I have gone full circuit to make the AppleWorks clippings editable, it seems like they are old pict files converted to eps.

    I say that judging by their "join the dots" multiple path points, not even quadratic splines.
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    Not sure about the bmp files. From the Pages user guide:

    Working With Graphics
    Pages accepts all QuickTime-supported formats, including the following graphics file types:

  • Magnus Lewan Level 4 (3,655 points)
    As far as I understand from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encapsulated_PostScript , an EPSF is a Mac version of EPS which may include a PICT preview. So what you see after the conversion may be the PICT preview rather than the original EPS. Perhaps.
  • Peter Breis1 Level 1 (110 points)
    No it is a vector file, but it is join the dots with straight line segments.

    The PICT preview I believe to be a bitmap.

    Additionally I have taken it into Pages and Illustrator via a pdf conversion which I think would have shed the PICT preview.