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KDS-KDS Level 1 Level 1
Is a modem driver available for the Chinese company ZTE's CDMA wireless phone? (Which has a USB adaptor.) The company only provides a modem driver for a couple of MS O.S.s. Alternatively, is some pre-existing modem driver known to work with ZTE's system?
Thanks for any info.

PowerBook G4 867 MHz, Mac OS X (10.3.3)
  • callesteros Level 1 Level 1
    Am thinking of setting up a China mobile card did you solve your problem with set up
  • KDS-KDS Level 1 Level 1
    No, I haven't been able to 'set up' for this device. Indeed, a hardware technician told me it is not possible because the right (hardware) card for a CDMA wireless is not available for Apple hardware.
  • gsharkey Level 1 Level 1
    I am extremely interested in getting any info you uncover about how to hook up the Chinese ZTE CDMA 2000 wireless to a Mac powerbook. We need this technology in order to stay online when running emergency relief camps in Nepal, where ZTE CDMAs are widespread (& have good connection).

    An alternative suggested to me is to find a device that can connect a RUIM (R-UIM) card to the Mac. I will post anything I learn.