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Someone must know how to kill the offending process (I hope).

This problem has been around for a few years now (i.e., both in Panther and Tiger) - but unfortunately, no one that I know of has posted a solution on the net as to how to recover usual operations from those times when the 'Application Switcher' (i.e., the one activated by command-tab) is stuck on screen.

The only thing that moves on screen is the mouse (usually stuck as a hand for me). No other keyboard shortcut makes any difference. I can ssh into the machine from another computer. But killing the dock, Finder or similar apps leaves zombie processes around and does not bring the gui back to life.

It seems to occur if you are too quick for the system (i.e., are able to command tab fast enough either to have done so before the panel appears on screen or have let go of the command key prior to it being able to get its required resources or something).

The only process on the system that has this problem of locking up the machine is the application switcher - there must be some way of killing when it hangs when such a thing occurs, but I've no idea what to kill.

Has anyone had success with recovering from this without rebooting the system from a remote system or holding down the power key?

Powerbook G4, 1.66 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   1 Gig Ram
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