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A very careless person damaged my computer by jumping from my bed which is lofted onto my desk, and landing on my macbook pro. Her foot landed on the cd rom drive and now I am quite sure it is broken. There is physical damage to my computer and while it operates fine I can't put a CD or DVD in because of this. Also when i turn on my computer it tries to eject a disk for the first 10 minutes or so.....is it possible to replace the CD rom drive or is it not financially worth it.....

Macbook Pro
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    Take the computer to your local Apple service center or retailer. They can order and install a new optical drive. This probably will not be covered under your warranty due to the cause of the damage.

    For future reference please post questions about MacBook Pros in the MacBook Pro forum. This forum is for Mac Pros. Thank you.
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    Was this post moved? It's a MBP in the MBP forum.