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Hi all,

i have just got my Ibook back online after it being offline for a few years. what i have noticed is that it now struggles to open certain webpages. i have a hotmail account and i don't seem to be able to open it to read my mail in OS X.10.1 and also MSN messenger will not run, but i now beleive that there is not a messenger that can run on OSX 10.1 so i have tried to open it in classic mode and although it allows me to enter my username and password a message appears stating ' sign in to MSN messenger failed because the service is not available or you are not connected to the network'. I am connected to the network, is it because it is an old version of msn messenger (version 2.1.0) that i am trying to connect to? if so is there a version for OSX 10.1 or would i need to upgrade the operating system. I know my Ibook is now outdated, but don't want to see it gathering dust.

Ibook G3 500mhz 128 ram   Mac OS X (10.1.x)  
Solved by Ronda Wilson on May 10, 2007 11:14 PM Solved
Most of the browsers that work in OS X require at least OS X 10.2.

You may be able to choose one from this page:

I see that there is an update for Internet Explorer to 5.3.2, if you don't already have that. It may be a good idea to try that if you haven't updated to it yet.

You may want to try out iCab.

Be sure to choose the correct version for what you want to do from the drop-down menus. If you want to run while booted in OS 9, that is different from running Classic through emulation in OS X.

Good luck.