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today I updated QuickTime to version 7.1.6 and encountered the following problem.
Apple Software Update application identified I had to update to 'QuickTime and iTunes 7.1.1' (which I did a week ago, but was not sure).
After launching the application the updater installed QuickTime 7.1.6; so 'QuickTime + iTunes 7.1.1' were correctly installed a week ago after all.
During the installation the update tried to find the 7.1.1 updates, an operation I had to cancel manually.

The problem is that the Apple Software Update application remains displaying a message to install 'QuickTime + iTunes 7.1.1' whereas even QuickTime 7.1.6 is already installed.
So the update application is somewhat confused and I am not sure it will identify the correct future updates.
Emptied the folder C:\Program Files\Apple Software Update\Packages, but this dit not solve the problem.

Cleared all temporary folders (C:\Temp, C:\Windows\Temp); did I forget any?
Anyhow, it does not help.
Neither does a reboot.

Windows Install Cleanup Utility, only displays QuickTime 7.1.6, which is correct.

Any suggestions; thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

René Meijn
The Netherlands

desktop, Windows XP Pro