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I've got drawings of my building done in 2000 that give, me among other bits of info, the painting color numbers for the numerous rooms. I'd like to convert these old files into some current app - Appleworks being a likely contender, but whatever is the most efficient. I assume that they were done in Claris but I really don't remember. Cheers Reed

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  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 Level 8
    The Clarisworks software was developed for the Mac by Claris. Later, Apple bought Claris & changed the name of the software to Appleworks. So it's possible that Appleworks will open the files. You may have to open the Appleworks drawing program & then select the Claris file & open it.

    If that doesn't work, it may require application Maclink to translate it.

     Cheers, Tom
  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9
    AppleWorks will open many versions of ClarisWorks files back to about ClarisWorks version 3 without too much trouble, and there are ways to get it to translate older ones.

    AppleWorks is still available from the Apple store for US$79, runs under OS 9 or Mac OS X (default installs both versions).

    There is an AppleWorks forum available nearby if you get in trouble.

    Is it possible those are Claris Cad files?
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    Hi, Tom -

    Later, Apple bought Claris....

    Claris was created by Apple, not bought by Apple. The concept was that Claris would handle the software programs and Apple the hardware.

    Claris was initially intended to be a spin-off, but later was retained as a wholly-owned subsidiary. It is now known as FileMaker Inc.



    I still have a Claris folder in my OS 9.1 System Folder.
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    To extend that thought, Apple created Claris to handle Apple owned software but at the time of MacWrite II and MacDraw II and MacPaint II, Apple had no serious database product.

    Nashoba had been so successful with Filemaker, Filemaker Plus and Filemaker 4 (the network version available with four hardback bound books for $200 as an upgrade for early adopters) that Apple bought the rights.

    Filemaker 4 just did not fit the MacWrite/Paint/Draw II family of titles so Apple renamed it Filemaker II. The heart and soul of Filemaker code was included into Appleworks but the real power users still insisted on the stand alone app.

    Filemaker Pro introduced additional features and version 2.1 is still in active use on my Quadra 700. In a similar move, Microsoft bought FoxPro, a power DB for DOS and then Macs. They then gutted the company and used the code to create MS Access.

    BTW, RTF and SYLK file exports still work universally but graphic exports still have serious format limitations.

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    Check out Eazydraw @ http://www.eazydraw.com/

    Click on Import Formats - says it will open Claris Draw. You can download a free demo to try it.

     Cheers, Tom