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I searched the correct way to do this through GoDaddy, my hosting service and got these directions, which I have tried, but didn't work.

*To Set Up Apple Mail for SMTP Relay
1. From the Mail menu, click Preferences.
2. In the Preferences window, click Accounts.
3. In the Account window, click Account Information.
4. From the Account Type list, select POP.
5. In the Description field, type a name for the account.
6. In the Email Address field, type your email address.
7. In the Your Name field, type your full name.
8. In the Incoming Mail Server field, type pop.secureserver.net.
9. In the User Name field, type your user name (your full email address).
10. In the Password field, type the password to your email account.
11. In the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field, type smtpout.secureserver.net.
12. In the SMTP Server Options window, in the Outgoing Mail Server field, type smtpout.secureserver.net.
13. In the Authentication field, type your password.
14. In the Server Port field, type 80 or 3535.
15. In the User Name field, type your SMTP user name.
16. In the Password field, type your SMTP password.
17. Click OK.

Obviously, I'm connected to the internet...
I tried doing this through POP and IMAP, there is an error message saying unable to connect. What can be done to make this work?

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    does anyone know about this problem???
  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)
    IMAP doesn't come into it, this is a POP account. What they have said is correct: they should perhaps have made it clear that under 'Outgoing Mail' when you click 'Server Options' you should set 'authentication' to 'Password'.
  • Alexandre L\'Eveille Level 1 (5 points)
    I have used GoDaddy with Apple mail for a while and it was working fine until yesterday. I can send out but not pull my mail down from their server. Still trying to figure out why--GoDaddy says it is nothing on their side, but who knows. You can log into GoDaddy web mail until resolved or forward from your account to another one.

    The set up looks right. Did you set up SMTP relay on your GoDaddy email account?
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    I did set up SMTP relay with GoDaddy. I got into mail. I can receive messages but cannot send outgoing messages. Do I need to set a SMTP password with Godaddy? Do I use the password to login to the mail account? Do I create a new one? What server port should I be using, 80/ 3535?. The outgoing mail server is "smtpout.secureserver.net". Should my Use SSL be checked? Thanks for any help...
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    i cannot get past the outgoing mail server. Godaddy says i should be able to change the port # before it tries to verify.
    On the outgoing page all is i see is outgoing mail server, user name & password. Should I be able to change port numbers on that page?
  • Ryan Marcus Level 4 (1,140 points)
    I don't know if this will help, but I shortened my GoDaddy e-mail account password to 12 characters and that made it work in Mail.

    I've started a topic here about it.

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    the 3535 is not gonna work...the 110 will work...I have been dealing w/ godaddy.com .mac and mac support for 5 months with compatibility. It is the worst.. mac says they never heard of godaddy and godaddy had me run a trace route so then I had to deal w/ my isp for no good reason since other browsers could reach godaddy so it is not my stream.. It is the worst. These are suposed to be the easiest and most seemless systems and they cannot sync. I use firefox to get to go daddy on my macbook and it is as if I am using dial up. I am ready to just cancel .mac which is really another headache to learn..and godaddy and just move everything over to a company that can handle everything. My web business has been on hold since January. It makes no sense. I got the mac so I would not have to deal w/ the windows registry error answer.. now godaddy tells me they are built for windows.

    There is no winning at this. I have spent countless hours on phone support after spending countless hours researching the answers only for all support lines to tell me i can "go to...website for more info..." it is as bad as using windows.

    Very dissatissfied,
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    You're not alone. I too get to the same stopping point as tennisdav. Running Mail 2.1.1 (Intel). A colleague of mine, running on same godaddy system/account can complete the setup and connect, but he is running Mail 2.1. He simply gets a completely different screen, allowing him to change the port number. I believe tennisdav and i are sharing the same issues where we do not get this option/screen.

    Not sure what to say. It works in Entourage.

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