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Over the weekend, iDVD5 crashed on my system and since then a number of QuickTime based apps aren't working quite right, including iTunes and WireTap Pro.

QuickTime Player itself (7.0) gives this message on startup -

QuickTime cannot open the file: "trampoline.mov"
an unknown error occurred (-1856)

Any ideas what this means? (Other than that trampoline.mov is missing ...)

iMacG5/2.0GHz/2GB/1.6TB, Mac OS X (10.4.2), eMac/1.25GHz/1GB/160GB, MacBookPro/2GHz/1GB/100GB, Too much other gear.
  • AeroQ Level 2 Level 2 (210 points)

    According to Apple developer documents, this error is a Carbon Apple Event error:

    handlerNotFoundErr = -1856, /* handler not found */

    This description doesn't tell much.
    From the symptoms that you describe, I would re-install QuickTime from scratch and pray.

    Regards, BJ
  • MartinR Level 6 Level 6 (14,870 points)
    Well, this is exactly the kind of scenario for which I made a complete backup image of my HD when I first installed everything last year. I wiped the HD and reinstalled the image and I'm back up & running.
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    You could have solved it by turning off the "Show Content Guide" in the QuickTime Player preferences.
    The "trampoline.mov" just bounces (get it) to the download for the content guide.
    QuickTime error messages start at -2000
  • MartinR Level 6 Level 6 (14,870 points)
    No, I was aware of that trick, but there was much more that was awry. All of the QuickTime-based apps on my system were affected, and some wouldn't even run anymore. The iTunes UI was corrupted, iDVD had no sound, WireTap showed weird audio settings and failed to capture, Final Cut wouldn't even start ...

    Reimaging the HD was the right thing to do, and everything is working fine again.