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I just bought ipod and I can't get software to install I am computer stupid, please help I am running windows 98

micron, Windows 98
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    iTunes for Windows was first introduced for Windows 2000 so there isn't a version that works natively with either 98 or ME. You could have a look at XPlay, Anapod or Ephpod which will work with Windows 98/ME. However XPLay and Anapod are commercial programs so you might consider it worth the extra expense to upgrade to XP (which you may find at a discount price now that Vista is out) if your computer will run it. Staying with 98/ME, you may also require drivers, there is a link in the Anapod page to suitable iPod/USB drivers:
    XPlay 2
    Anapod Explorer Windows 98/ME Support

    These programs will all let you manage an iPod however there are a couple of things that they won't do:
    a) You won't be able to update the firmware on your iPod if a new version comes along. The iPod software updater is integrated into iTunes 7
    b) If purchasing iTunes Music is something you wanted to do you won't be able to buy from the iTunes Music store.