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'Please Wait. Very Low Battery.'

I keep getting this with my ipod AND it won't charge. I've tried a different usb cable thinking it might be a faulty cable, but that didn't work. I got a replacement battery and everything worked fine until it ran out of charge and now I'm back to 'Please Wait. Very Low Battery.'

What is the **** problem with this? Aaaargh, it's so frustrating. I've had my ipod video since November 05, so it's out of warranty.

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  • deggie Level 8 Level 8 (49,870 points)
    Which port are you connecting it to on your computer and is your computer set to sleep when not used?
  • KevR Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    All ports are usb2. Sleep mode is never used, when the computer is on its on.
  • deggie Level 8 Level 8 (49,870 points)
    I'm sure they are all USB2. But are you using a front USB Port or one on the rear of the computer?

    Do you have access to a wall charger?

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    Hey, deggie, how's it going?

    I've been using the same usb port on the front of my computer ever since I got the ipod. I don't have a wall charger, I have never thought it necessary to get one, but if that solves this problem I would definitely organize one. However, if that is the case then Apple have some explaining to do because if that is the preferred method of charging an ipod then surely the ipod should be sold with a wall charger.

    Take care,
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    The front ports on Dells are slaves. Some will put out enough power to charge an iPod (or run a Shuffle) others won't, and if new devices are plugged into the rear port they can siphon off the power available to front port. Try a rear one and see if it solves your issue.

    I just find the wall charger more convenient, don't have to worry with sleep mode, I can travel with it, etc.
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    Hey, deggie.

    I've tried all the ports. I even unplugged everything from all the other ports and only had the ipod plugged in, but still the same issue.

    It's really annoying as everything worked fine for a year and a half and now this happens. And I always used my ipod, so I'm lost without it (gee, that sounds so dramatic doesn't it? :)).

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    Maybe you'll have to check your cable. I had the same problem. I first thought it was my battery but I found out that somehow my cable was broken. Using anotherone solved the problem.
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    Tried another cable, still same problem.
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    Anyone have a solution? I have the same problem and it is amazingly frustrating. I have a 60 gig Ipod I bought recently, I was dumb and let it run out of batteries. It is at the 'Restore' screen. Yet as soon as I connect it to my computer it reboots and continuously reboots. The battery is too dead. Often I will get the 'Please Wait. Very Low Battery.' Screen, once it passes it starts to reboot.

    I can not get my Ipod to charge thorough an AC adapter. With it plugged in at the Restore screen the ipod just shuts off due to inactivity. This is insane. So for some reason their is a massive loophole in the Ipod that renders it useless? Wow. I do not know if I will ever buy an Apple product again. >.<

    BTW I also bought a new cable too. And I also stayed up and kept rebooting my ipod so it would charge plugged in and shut down due to inactivity, after two hours of this nothing changed either.
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    Alright. I will disclaim this by saying, I do not know what the **** I did. (I know you guys are rolling your eyes a guy who posts and on the same day fixes his Ipod). Well for about a week/two weeks my ipod was doing as I described before. Today I just left it plugged into the wall off for awhile. Got sick of that and plugged it back to my computer. Well eventually something most of worked. I noticed I could get it into disk mode (so I figured I would actually charge it on the wall, makes sense right?) Well I plugged it into the wall for about five minutes. Plugged it back to my computer, I would just see an apple screen and it would freeze so I rebooted it a couple of times. I didn't even restore anything..
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    Alright so this just happened to my iPod and I spent like two hours trying to figure it out and I finally did. It's totally simple, by the way.

    It won't charge because it doesn't have enough juice to start charging [crazy as that sounds] so it just continually resets it's self. You need to have it hooked up to your computer in 'disk mode'.

    1. Take your iPod and plug it in to your USB port.
    2. Hold down the select [center button] and the play button.

    That's it, It might have to update your library but you shouldn't lose all your music. It worked for me so I'm hoping it can solve all of your guys' problems too. Good luck!
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    The hard drive mode solution above probably won't work. If the iPod had enough juice to enter drive mode it would probably have enough juice to charge.

    Here's the solution that just worked for me:

    The problem is that the iPod doesn't have enough power to move past the initial boot process, and it can't charge while it's stuck in the process of booting (when you see the black screen with the Apple logo). Hopefully Apple will get their act together and make the next generation iPod charge via USB while it's booting, but I digress.

    When you see the "Please Wait. Very Low Battery." screen, the iPod is in the process of taking as much of a charge as it can before entering the boot process. The trick is to keep resetting the iPod (hold Select and Menu) once it leaves the "Please Wait" screen. Eventually you'll be able to work up just enough juice to move beyond the boot screen.

    Try resetting it 5 times once you see the black/Apple page, then let it run through the whole boot process once and see if it works. If not, just repeat that process. It worked for me after just a few tries.

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    Multiple resets worked for me as well. (30GB video, only 6 months old) I was stuck on "Please wait, very low battery" for 6 hours plugged into either USB or wall charger. After resetting it 5 or 6 times, it finally booted and is now charging as normal.

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    Scratch that. Once the iPod booted and connected to the computer, I figured everything was fine. The charging icon was up, and I could listen to music via iTunes. At the end of the day I ejected it and stuck it in my bag, only to find out on the train that it won't turn on at all. I later plugged it into the wall charger and it said 'charging' for about 2 hours, then switched to "charged". When plugged into the wall, it also played music fine. Unplug from wall and poof, screen goes off and it won't turn on at all. AND, it won't talk to the laptop anymore either.

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