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I have downloaded my photos to iphoto and can pull them up by clicking the iphoto icon at the bottom of my screen - but - when I want to download those pictures to Walgreens for storage, printing, sharing I can't find them. Walgreen's asks me where the photos are and if I say iPhoto I get three choices - Data, original, and modified folders. None of these seem to have the pictures in them. How do I get my pictures out of iPhoto? Where do I find them to send them onward?

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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.

    When you are in iPhoto, select the photos you want to print. [You can Shift-Click to select a range of photos or Command-Click to select non-adjacent photos.] Then choose Export from the File menu, and choose File Export from the dialog. Export to a folder on your desktop, and use that folder of images to upload to Walgreens or burn onto disc. When the upload is complete you can delete the desktop folder, since the exports are only copies.