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Richard Walker Level 1 (40 points)
Hi. I just wanted to add my Automator solution to the below tech note:

Two Mac's at work. I was connected to the 2nd Mac via AFP. This was primary connected to enable backup software to synchronize both macs.

I used to forget to unmount the 2nd Mac's HD before it was shut down at 5PM. I usually had to wait for 3-5 mins (felt longer as it was after 5pm!) until I could leave, sometimes having to force shutdown.

My solution:
1. Open Automator
2. Drag the Mounted AFP server icon from the desktop into the new Automator window.
3. From Automator, click on the Finder in the Library/Applications list.
4. Drag the 'Eject Disk' Action under the 1st workflow item you made in step 2.
5. Goto 'File' 'Save As Plug-in...'
6. Name the Action
7. Select the 'Plug-in for' item as 'iCal Alarm'
8. iCal will open and import your action as a calendar item. I set mine to run at 4.45pm. Use 'Repeat', 'Custom' to set it to run Weekly Mon - Fri.

Obviously this only worked for us due to our hours of work, but hope it helps others.


PowerMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.9)