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Ok well, A few weeks ago I lost my ipod, and i just recently found it last week. It was completely out of battery so I charged it for a while, and then now whenever I try turning it on, it won't work giving me a folder icon and saying i should go to "apple.com/support/ipod". I tried that and I tried everything they told me on the site, then when I tried plugging it in and playing iTunes, it said my iPod was corrupted and that I should restore it. I tried that also, except whenever I try to restore it, it says "iPod could not be restored (Error 1418)". I've tried everything on the site, yet the same error still shows up. Any help please?
The iPod I'm talking about here is a 4th generation ipod with clickwheel (20 GB). Also please note that between the times I lost the ipod and found it again, I got a new computer with new iTunes and everything if that makes a difference at all.

Windows XP