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Erica4Hobbits Level 1 (75 points)
Is there any reason why iTunes would not be recognizing the internet?

I can access the iTunes store for podcasts...but when I click "check for updates" on the summary tab it says that "iTunes can not contact the iPod software update server because you are not connected to the internet. Make sure your internet service is active and try again."

Well, I'm using the same computer to post this so....any ideas? Tried doing a "repair" on iTunes just now...no luck.

2nd Gen. Blue 4GB Mini, Windows XP, SP2, Dell Laptop
  • iPod_nano_1_GB Level 5 (6,810 points)
    Hi Erica!

    See the instructions in this article, regarding that error message you are getting:

    iTunes 7 for Windows: iTunes could not contact the iPod software update server

    Any success with trying that?

  • Erica4Hobbits Level 1 (75 points)
    Nope, it was already on those settings.
  • iPod_nano_1_GB Level 5 (6,810 points)
    Okay, then you could try these things:

    - Try some of the more "basic" stuff. For example, restart your computer (with your iPod disconnected). Then, after the restart, open iTunes, connect your iPod, and try "Checking for Updates".

    Also, you could try the Five Rs, fi you haven't tried them already.

    - Upgrade to the latest iTunes version. The latest version of iTunes is (to check what version you've got, go to "Help > About iTunes" in iTunes). Go here to install the latest.

    - Try switching off your firewall. Try turning your firewall and antivirus/antispyware, etc. settings to OFF.

    See if you get any success with those things.

    If not, I might try to get some help from b noir on this thread. (I had seen your topic with b about the mysterious files on your iPod, that were caused by connecting it to a Mac computer. That was interesting.)

  • iPod_nano_1_GB Level 5 (6,810 points)
    Hi Erica,

    Just got word from B on our liaison 2.0 thread of what you could try when "the article" doesn't fix this kind of error.

    Even if the "Automatically detect settings" box was previously check-marked, try deselecting it, then going back and selecting the option again.

    Of course, remember to click on the "OK" button in that window whenever you are changing that option.

  • micheller324 Level 1 (0 points)
    You are without a doubt my new best friend! I have been trying for months to fix this problem, and have not been able to find the fix. I have searched and searched on the Apple site and haven't been able to find anything to help me. I even tried calling the Apple store and they couldn't help me. I've uninstalled, reinstalled and still nothing. Who knew it was this easy to fix. Thank you SO much!!!
  • Ocandid Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi All,

    I tried all of the above with no luck, I am still at version 1.1 which is the version it came with. I uninstall are reinstalled and update to the lates Itunes version but my Ipod mini would not update to the 1.4.1 version.

    Any other suggestions or ideas