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Having a little trouble with 'Safe Sleep'. I can't pinpoint when the problem started, but I don't have any pmu-altering dashboard widgets.

I get the usual 'reserve battery power' warning when there's few minutes left before the juice runs out. Then, the power cuts. No safe sleep at all; it's as though the battery has been yanked out.

I checked a few threads, and I've performed the 'hibernatemode' check in Terminal:

pmset -g | grep hibernatemode

The result I get is '3', which I assume is 'enabled'

My HD has got over 40gb free space remaining, so there's definitely enough room for a 'sleep image'.

Has anyone come across this, and does anyone know of any possible fixes?

Cheers in advance!

MacBook Core Duo (White) @ 2GHZ, 2GB RAM, 120GB HD   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   23" Cinema Display, 120GB USB drive, 160GB Network Drive, Bluetooth Mighty Mouse