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    You should be careful about putting a 7200 RPM drive in a laptop due to the temperature. Faster drives get a lot hotter and use a lot more power (shorter battery life). That's why most laptops come with 5400 RPM drives.
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    You should be careful about putting a 7200 RPM drive
    in a laptop due to the temperature. Faster drives get
    a lot hotter and use a lot more power (shorter
    battery life). That's why most laptops come with 5400
    RPM drives.

    Thanks Kevin I appreciate the input. I did a little searching through the forums, and it seems a lot of people are happy with this drive. I will let you know after the install.

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  • Kevin Duane Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    That sounds very similar to the problems my users have been having. Please let us know what happens and what Apple does. Four months is too young for a hard drive to buy the farm.
  • Kevin Duane Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Not 100% sure but mine were all early models.
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    Well another one bites the dust... same thing happened to me tonight... I was had iTunes open and was playing a java game I downloaded off of the this site. I've done this many times before and nothing like this has ever happened. The game froze up (it does this from time to time, I just force quit) but this time I couldn't force quit because Finder also froze. So I restarted and, just like you all have said, I got a white screen that eventually shows a flashing question mark... I did everything I could think of (as well as everything you all have tried)and when the disk utility couldn't find the hard drive I knew I was sunk... to make everything better I am going on vacation tomorrow and was counting on my macBook as entertainment... so much for that.

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  • Nick A Level 4 Level 4 (1,465 points)
    Just to chime in, my user replaced Seagate 7200.1 died at around seven months w/o any warning. It was in a MacBook Pro for two of those months however

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    You all are scaring me. I just bought a new macbook without the extended warrenty. Guess, I better go back and get the three year extended warrenty!
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    To put things in a bit of perspective ... Apple sells over a million of these MacBooks a year. This thread has mentioned a few dozen failures.

    There may well be a problem, but this thread is hardly proof or even plausible evidence to justify the word "epidemic" in its title. IHMO.
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    So I got my brand new black MacBook today, and it has a dead hard drive. It would not even boot on the first try! I've had a lot of macs, and my share of tech issues, but never have I been sent a dead machine! I will have to go to the Apple Store tomorrow to see what I can do about it, but I'm shipping out for Iraq again pretty soon, and I need my machine!!!

    If anyone has any luck with any sort of utility or something short of replacing the drive, please post it.

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    you could try re-installing with the discs that came with the macbook, but I would go to the apple store and get a replacement if its new - especially if you are shipping out.
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    My machine is Rev A. After 2 dead hard drives in one year (see my earlier posts) and some screen flickering, I sent in the computer to be serviced and they replaced my logic board. The flickering started only after the 2 drives failed, and apparently it points to a logic board issue. Just got my computer back today, here's hoping hard drive #3 doesn't bite it too...I will back up religiously just in case though. Good luck everyone and please please backup.
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    It is worse.

    This morning I had the third hard drive failure on the same MacBook in six months ... regularly like clock work every 2 months.

    All have been Hitachi 160 GB SATA drives that seemed to give no warning, but all failed after roughly 2 months.

    This is completely silly. I have escalated with Apple and am insisting on complete machine replacement. This simply cannot be hard drive failure - the computer must be doing something (heat? power? logic? driver failure?) to cause this problem.

    Apple claims to have no knowledge of an epidemic - but three failures in the same machine over a short period of time is mind boggling to explain.

    I learned after the first failure to remember to backup. But regardless - with a large drive and lots of apps - it takes several days of work to restore a machine to working state. Repeated failures are simply unacceptable.
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    Apple relies on the fact that fanatics will praise anything they do, even when they release a substandard product. Don't complain or you will be censored by the powers that be on this forum. This lack of accountability and cheap manufacturing is making me start to find Apple a little repulsive.
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    I'm an IT guy at a medium size ad agency and I've had
    3 MacBook hard drives die in the a similar way in the
    past 3 months. I'm told that the computer was on low
    battery when they put the machine to sleep and the
    next day (or later) that machine failed to restart.
    Even with the power adapter a restart produced only a
    flashing question mark. All the user's information is
    completely gone and not retrievable.

    Here are the troubleshooting steps I've completed
    with no positive results:
    1) Reset PRAM and PMU
    2) Startup from install disks and run Disk Utility.
    DU doesn't even see the drive! Even Target disk mode
    doesn't reveal the drive.
    3) Archive and install; the installer doesn't see the
    4) Swapped the drive into another machine; drive not
    5) Disk Warrior, Data Rescue, DDRescue, SpinRite
    can't see the drive.
    ) Moved the drive to an enclosure and still doesn't
    not mount or appear for programs in item 5
    7) Put the drive in the freezer for a weekend (thawed
    for 1 day) and tried again.
    -- No I'm getting desperate... and ******
    7) I buy a matching replacement drive (Fujitsu 2.5"
    60GB SATA) and swap the electronics. No difference.
    ** all machines were fairly up-to-date
    (10.4.8-10.4.9) and we do have a backup system and
    plan in place but it's not always reliable with
    active email databases (Thanks Microsoft).

    All three of the drives prviously mentioned exhibited
    this same behavior. It is probably a problem in the
    boot sector of the drive. But what could have
    happened to this drive that you can't even format the
    drive? It's not crashed heads or a few bad sectors.
    There has be a way to access these drives.

    I have about 20 MacBooks in circulation and plan on
    getting more, but I won't be able to keep people's
    faith if their email and documents keep getting

    MacBook Pro
    15"   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    I don´t have any solution to bring, just to add that I had the same problems two days ago. Had my MB about a year and it suddenly froze, forced a shut down and then it couldn´t find the hardisk anymore. Nothing to do they said in Apple service - just install a new hardisk. Trying to retrieve the data costs about 1000€ and need to purchase new hardisk which is a bit over my financial interest. So, lost 2 months of work and a lot of headaches with Apple support who refuse to admitt that Macbook has a problem with the hardrive, which apparently they do when surfing a bit all the forums that discuss the same problems.

    Good luck though, seems as some people managed to retrieve the data...

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    sniff sniff ... troll