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Is there any way to turn off the administrator password? I have no network or other users. Just me and my dog. And my dog has trouble using the mouse, not to mention the keys.

iMac G3 350 MHz 256 MB 20 GB Hard Drive, Mac OS X (10.3.9), Using Safari 1.3 (v.312)
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    Hi allano

    You do need the administrator password but there are ways to minimise it use. Please see the following thread.
    mac accounts eliminating password

    regards roam
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    Thanks. Yeah, I did those other things. I just notice because I just started using OS 10.3.9 and am installing a bunch of stuff. I can certainly learn to live with it. It also makes me more aware of what I'm installing, which could be beneficial for various reasons (too many files, unnecessary ones).
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    Panther is a big improvement over jaguar, if indeed that's what you have done.
    Once you have finished installing your updated apps' you are not required to enter that admin password too often. It won't prove to be any great hassle.

    regards roam