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We have just purchased an Apple desktop for my wife and an AirPort router. While setting the router password, on my G5, I used the "see password" feature. It is a great feature, I can see the letters, of the password, as I key them in.

While my wife was setting up a password on her new desktop and she used a "1" in her password. She later locked a preference and realized she had to change it. When she enter the password it was rejected. We later realized that when she first created the password a "1" was not entered, due to a sticky "1" key. We entered the password without the "1" and it worked. If we had the "see password" feature we wouldn't have this problem.

Is there a any way I can have the "see password" feature on all our passwords?

We have two Mac's a G5 & a desktop.

G5, Mac OS X (10.4.9)