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Ever since I did the last software update, everytime I connect my 30G iPod to synch with iTunes...iTunes automatically shuts down. I can use iTunes just fine by itself and the same for the iPod. But once I connect them, iTunes just shuts down. I usually have to sync it three times, before it won't shut down. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Dell, Windows XP
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    Are you getting a blue screen of any sort when the computer crashes?

    If so, please quote what it says (if a file is mentioned in the BSOD, quote what that says, too).

    If you are only getting a flash of a blue screen, or you aren't getting anything, you can switch your settings here, and see if you can make a hidden blue screen show:

    1 - Go to "My Computer" in a Windows Explorer window.

    2 - Right-click on "My Computer", and click on Properties.

    3 - Go to the "Advanced" tab, click on "Settings" under the "Startup and recovery" section.

    4 - Verify that "Automatically restart" is not selected.

    As a general, let's try reinstalling iTunes (and QuickTime, too).

    Disconnect your iPod from your computer.

    Go to "Add or Remove programs" in Control Panel. Find "iTunes" and "QuickTime" on this list, and remove them both.

    Then, download the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility, to clear out the remaining iTunes and QuickTime installation files off your computer (see this MS document for information on it):

    Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

    Also, use this article to manually remove the left over files from installing these programs:

    Removing iTunes and QuickTime for Windows

    After you've done that, restart your computer.

    Then, go to this page to install the iTunes + QuickTime installation pack onto your computer again:

    Download iTunes -

    Now, restart your computer once more.

    After the computer has fully loaded up, open iTunes, and connect your iPod to your computer.

    Try automatically syncing it with iTunes again, and see if it works or not.

    Also, have you tried these five iPod troubleshooting steps?:

    The Five Rs