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One more question, and this has bothered me for a long time. How can I resize a window and have it affect every window afterward?

Before I write more I have to say that I can't figure out an easy way to describe this question. There are two sizes to the green button. That I know. My question is about having one size full-screen size, and one an a size I create. When I make full size and the other size, neither is remembered by the computer.

When I resize a window then hit the green button on the top left, instead of a window appearing that is full screen (like I created) it will be full length and about half-width. And the other size screen, when I click on the green button again, usually is different than anything I created, too.

Hope I made sense, at least a bit. Thank you.

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    Changing the size of a window

    You may be able to change the size of a window. For example, you can make Finder windows larger so that you can see more files. You can also make a window smaller to move it out of the way.

    If there is a resize control in the bottom-right corner of a document window, drag the control until the window is the size you want.

    You can click the green Zoom button to make a window larger. Click it again to return to the previous size.

    If a window is in the way, click the orange Minimize button to put it in the Dock or use Exposé to temporarily move it out of the way.

    Some windows do not allow you to change the size.

    For more select Mac Help from the Finder's Help menu and search on the term "resize windows." For shortcuts search for "shortcuts for windows".
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    Thank you. The problem I have is getting the changes to work globally. If I set up the 2 sizes for the green button, it doesn't seem to stay that way in the future with later windows of say, folders, for example.

    I'm never able to make the full size window from the green zoom button stay that way all the time. Does that make more sense?

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    Window gadgets do not work globally. They work only for the current window. The maximize button does not (as far as I'm aware) expand a window to full-screen. Rather it maximizes the window's proportional size to what fits on the screen. Most applications will "remember" the window size you set when working in that application.