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After performing the AHT on my bacbook, the following code error appears: "4SNS/1/40000000:Th0H"
What does it mean?

macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    I performed an Apple hardware test as well and I got the following result:

    Apple Hardware Test:

    Last Run: 5/24/07 5:39 PM
    Version: 3A114
    Test Suite: Extended Test
    Loop Count: 1
    Result: Failed
    Failure code: 4SNS/1/40000000: TB0T

    Can somebody tell us what these codes mean?

    The problem with my MacBook is that it doesn't always recognize the battery, showing an "x" in the Finder menu bar. I've already requested a new one, but now I'm affraid it's the logic board I should worry about.

    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  
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    The Apple hardware test is not typically provided to consumers as a troubleshooting tool. It is meant for authorized Apple repair centers and Apple service center staff. The main reason for this is to avoid just this... people running it.. .and getting errors that may or may not actually mean anything. If you are having trouble with your MacBook and want to post a support question, feel free and we will do what we can to help you. If you are experiencing a hardware failure of some type, you should contact Apple.
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    Your reply isn't very helpful.

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    thanks mate, you've been absolutely helpful! but i don't think it's for authorized personell only in as much as I can find Apple Hardware Test on the discs elivered to anyone along with the machine.

    leaving this aside, i've redone the test and, while the battery is detected (for the x appears on and off), the error doesn't appear anymore.
    so, it could be battery related in my case. at least I hope so!
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    You're absolutely right... and I was absolutely wrong. For some reason I thought I had read in the past that the hardware test wasn't released to the general public. I should know better than to post something like that without double checking.
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    OK... OK... after my earlier off the cuff comment... I felt obliged to spend a bit of time seeing if I could come up with something useful. What I found... seems to match what my thought was to start with... a temperature sensor error. I would imagine when Apple sent out the firmware update to disable one of the temp. sensors on the MacBook to correct the random shutdown issue, it caused the hardware test to return a fault related to that sensor. Granted, this is total speculation... but considering the only thing I could find seemed to match what I thought it may be... gives me a little more confidence in the result. Both Th0H and TB0T seem to be related to the temp sensor. As the initial poster didn't mention he was having any specific problems, it would seem that the disabled sensor might be the cause for the error. Can the two of you with the errors let me know if they're with the original Core Duo MacBooks or the Core 2 Duos (or one of each). This is what I've found that references those code segments:

    -/* Temperature sensors keys. First set for Macbook(Pro), second for Macmini */
    -static const char* temperaturesensorssets[][8] = {
    - { "TB0T", "TC0D", "TC0P", "Th0H", "Ts0P", "Th1H", "Ts1P", NULL },
    + * Temperature sensors keys (sp78 - 2 bytes).
    + * First set for Macbook(Pro), second for Macmini.
    + */
    +static const char* temperaturesensorssets[][13] = {
    + { "TA0P", "TB0T", "TC0D", "TC0P", "TG0H", "TG0P", "TG0T", "Th0H",
    + "Th1H", "Tm0P", "Ts0P", "Ts1P", NULL },
    { "TC0D", "TC0P", NULL }
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    I've a macbook core 2 duo; the temps now is 58 C°
    Thanks and regards
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    That temperature is fine. I guess what we would need to find out is whether or not Apple decided to disable that same sensor on the Core 2 MacBooks as well. Are you having any problems with your MacBook apart from getting the error in the hardware test?

    Has anyone run the hardware test and received no errors?
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    I've only 1 big problem and that's the reason why I performed the AHT:
    the problem is ...airport... often the internet connection falls, it don't recognize my internet/network settings, I've to switch off and on my router continuosly (I've a 3Com router)....
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    You may want to do a search regarding internet connection (and airport if you're using one) issues. There have been quite a number of posts with people having internet connection and/or wireless connection problems. If you can't find anything with a search, try starting a new posting with the problem you're having. People just looking through the post titles won't realize with the title of this posting "Apple Hardware Test" that you're having an internet connection issue.
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    and what was my first question?
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    Has anyone run the hardware test and received no

    I just did it for the sake of doing it - no problems here on my CD.
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    thanks for the info mate! i have a core 2 duo.

    i don't know what to say about your hypothesis concerning the sensor apple disabled.

    this is my situation: i've decided to use the hardware test due to the fact that i have an x on the battery in the finder menu bar.
    while the battery wasn't recognized i ran the hardware test twice and both times i've received the already mentioned error (the same).

    after that the x dissapeard and the battery seemed to work fine, i've ran the test twice more and the error didn't appear any more.

    helf an hour later, the x appeard again, i've rerun the test and the error reapeared.

    in this case i'm guessing the reported error concerns in fact the battery but i dunno for sure, tomorrow i'll recheck using another battery

    let's hope this annoying x and the reported error will dissapear once i'll get a new battery
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    Your first question didn't mention anything about an internet connection/network problem:

    "After performing the AHT on my bacbook, the following code error appears: "4SNS/1/40000000:Th0H"
    What does it mean?"