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Please help! I've done all that I can think of and have read about to format my iPod to Windows. I'm done the 5 Rs. When it gets to restoring my iPod I keep getting this error message from iTunes.

"There was a problem downloading the iPod software for the iPod "iPod". An unknown error occurred (-48).

Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later."

I have reset my network settings to what was suggested on an article here. Can anyone PLEASE help me with this?????

Dell, Windows XP
  • iPod_nano_1_GB Level 5 (6,810 points)
    Hi JessiAnn!

    When exactly does this happen when you restore your iPod? In particular, here are a couple of questions:

    (a) When you initially got that error message, we're you using the "Download & Install" method, or the "Download only" one?

    (b) And, does iTunes download almost all of the iPod firmware (onto your computer, not installing it on the iPod), and at the very end, the -48 error occurs? Or does it happen at some other time?

    As a general, though, you could try the method outlined in this article (although that is not the error you're getting, you can use the same technique):

    iTunes 7 for Windows: iTunes could not contact the iPod software update server

    If your "Automatically detect settings" option is already selected, then try deselecting it, then check-marking that box, and see if it makes any difference.

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    I get the message after iTunes is fully installed and towards the end of the update to format my iPod to windows is being downloaded. I'm trying your suggestion, we'll find out if it works.
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    So I just watched it download all 20.9MB of the software only to give me the error message AGAIN.
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    Let's try getting an updater log to the Apple Engineers for a look.

    Open this folder:

    C:\Documents and Setings\yourusername\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Updater Logs

    (You may need to show hidden files in order to see the Application Data folder. Open up My Computer, and in the Tools menu, choose "Folder Options..." Then go to the View tab, and then in the "Advanced settings", select "Show hidden files and folders.")

    Send the files inside the iPod Updater logs folder as attachments to this email address.

    in the email to Roy, be sure to include the following information:

    - A link to the thread on Apple Discussions where the issue is being discussed
    - The username you are using in the thread
    - The version of iTunes you are using or trying to use
    - the version of Windows you are using (mention service packs)
    - the model of iPod you're trying to update (and the current software version on the iPod)
    - A concise description of the issue you are seeing
    - The exact text of the error message you are seeing