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I have seen these USB DVB-T Digital Freeview TV Tuner Receivers HDTV advertised on eBay - they claim to be a very small TV tuner that will permit a Digital Tv programmes to be viewed on a PC (does anything similar exist that would operate on my iMac?

iMac 400MHz PowerPC G3   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   external HDD

iMac 400MHz PowerPC G3   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   external HDD
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    Hello and Welcome to Apple Discussions.


    Their claim is bending the truth. I've been using a Freeview USB dongle for well over a year and they've been around for longer.


    Elgato hold the monopoly for Mac TV Tuners which is no bad thing as their software is very good and they offer a wide range of hardware. Elgato's software is also bundled with other manufacturers hardware.


    I have the Miglia Mini with EyeTV 2.3 software.


    I'd recommend looking at the choice on this page (link). If I were buying again today I'd got for the EyeTV Hybrid however for the iMac 400 you must look at the Eye250 (which supports USB1.1) or one of the more expensive Firewire models.





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    unfortunately I don't think any of the Elgato products will run on a G3. A G4 appears to be the low end of the system requirements.
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    You're right. I've been watching this subject of TV reception, and the system requirements for all of them use a G4 at 500MHZ as the lowest and slowest.

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    Whoops, my bad. ;-(