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Well, y'all... it has been a good year with this little MacBook. As of today, my computer is one year old. It was and has been a great ride and undoubtedly, of all the computers I have owned, this one has been my favorite.

In these 12 months, I have had two warranty issues: the battery recall by Apple, and the cracking keyboard bezel.

Apple was good and replaced both, and even replaced the LCD bezel.

But, during the first four months or so, I went through the birthing pains of the computer, its heat and we learned of the waaaay cooool SMCFANCONTROL program. We learned about thermal sensors. Many of us had random lockup issues, and just as many did not. Apple disabled a sensor or two and stopped most of that silliness.

We all went through the staining issues, some rather quickly, some not so quickly. But we all learned that we have rather dirty hands. We certainly have discovered that the case design on this nice little computer is really lacking in keeping stains away, so nice protectors became available, such as MARWARE's product.

In this year, I have been simply delighted in just how well this computer handles its rather limited graphics. It streams video exceedingly well, and can even handle a few games, just a few. I have also been delighted in how great of a Windows XP box this little computer can be.

So, it has been a good year. I really enjoy this computer.

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    I just finally took the plunge and bought my first Macbook yesterday!
    So mine is 1 DAY OLD! So many posts prevented me from doing so
    indluding whether or not it was worth the extra $200 for a Black one.
    I've seen both colors from dirty, messy white to oil smudges black and
    decided the white one was just fine. And since this is the newest upgrade I knew the time was right for this revision.

    I MUST ADMIT....I wasn't sure how happy I was going to be with my new
    White 2.16 C2D SuperDrive Macbook but it is just flawless. When I spent the first few hours with it I wasn't too happy about what appeared to be uneven backlighting and even messed around with all the display settings. Finally, I used the advanced Display Calibration utility and the display is far nicer and the lighting more even than I anticipated it would be. Now it's difficult to detect light or dark areas across the screen and everything looks uniform and smooth. DVD movies look great on this too!

    I upgraded the RAM to 2GB this morning and I am one heck of a happy camper!!! I'm desperately being overcautious about scratching this baby and next need to buy palm rest and screen protectors as well as a sleeve or case for this precious Macbook! Thank God all of my Apple computers have been flawless thus far and my iLife has never been better since the switch 2 years ago. Thanks Apple!