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I have a new imac and know nothing about recording equipment.

I am doing some writing and would like to use a voice recorder rather than typing. Is there a portable voice recorder, compatible with Mac, that I can use and then transfer to my mac.

If so how would I do that and what program would I use. Is it possible to transfer voice to written word!!! That would be the best solution.

Thanks very much, Barb

imac intel core 2 duo, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    There are solutions that should work for you.

    If you want to record anywhere and transfer the recordings to your Mac, Olympus make a range of Digital Recorders that will handle the voice recording. You can then copy the recordings to your Mac for playback.

    You can use something like iListen from MacSpeech to convert the recordings into editable text.

    If you don't need to record anywhere, you can just use the iListen software without the digital recorder, and dictate directly to your Mac.

    In all cases the quality of the transcription will vary depending on the quality of the recording (how clearly you speak, background noise, etc.) and how much training you've run the software through (the more to train it, the better it understands your voice). However, don't expect perfection.

    If you're recording directly to the Mac, then a good quality headset is essential - don't try to rely on the built-in microphone.
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    Thank you very much. I got the Olympus DS-2 Digital Recorder and it works very well. The recording quality is very good. Playback on the recorder is fair but when the file is brought onto the computer, it sound great. The software is easy - you can even edit -- and you can bring into garageband, quicktime or save files as AIFF and bring into itunes.

    I have not gotten ilisten yet but plan to.

    Thanks very much for your time and expertise.